Staff Augmentation

Our staff augmentation services provide skilled personnel to work under your direction to help you develop, maintain, manage and support your applications. Our skilled application professionals can help you manage fluctuating skill needs, skills gaps and changing staffing needs to meet your aggressive project timelines. Our resources work with you on-site or remote. We provide staff along with the talent that technology leaders need to ensure smooth system implementation, enhancement, upgrade and production support initiatives.

Staff augmentation will always be necessary in a dynamic environment

  • Staffing your organization can be challenging no matter the size or business niche. Rarely does an organization always have the ideal number of employees it requires. Usually you either don’t have enough staff to take on that new project, or you have too much staff and aren’t able to keep everyone busy or manage your organization as efficiently as possible.
On-demand, rapid delivery of trusted, knowledgeable workers can be a difference maker for companies in so many ways. Here are just 3 ways staff augmentation solutions can benefit any type of organization.

Employees When You Need Them

  • The benefit of staff augmentation is that you get the skilled employees you need when you need them – but only for as long as you need them.
  • This strategy will allow businesses to maintain only essential staff in-house. Then, when you want to make a big push on a job, or say yes to that new project, you can, regardless of your available staff, because we will provide staffing as needed which makes managing staff and project more cost effective.

Employees With the Right Skills for a Specific Job

  • Given the current business environment, organizations are constantly evolving. This is particularly true with regard to their technology department. Whether or not your company is a tech company, you’ve got to keep up with the changing technology landscape. We provide staff that understands your business and how integrating technology will solve business problems. You will not have to be concerned about managing staff, because we provide staff that has clear expectations from the start.
  • It’s essential for every organization to have personnel in place who understand how to keep your organization safe while staying on the cutting edge of your field. Unfortunately, managing this, and other specialized staffing needs like it internally can require a great deal of upfront investment in employee training and time.
With Global IT Services staff augmentation solutions, you can hire the right employees for a specific job. No need to work through the often expensive kinks of inexperience. You can work with an individual who already has the expert knowledge you need and who can support your organization immediately.

The Chance to Improve Your Business Impact

By providing an efficient way to staff your organization with the ideal individuals for each position when you need them, staff augmentation solutions can give you a unique edge.
  • Unlike others who choose more traditional staffing methods you’ll save time and money while enhancing service delivery and, as a result, improving your overall bottom line.
  • There are other advantages of applying staff augmentation solutions as well including the injection of fresh, innovative ideas to the existing team, the ability to manage your resources more closely since responsibilities are specifically outlined, and fewer HR demands; which can be of particular concern to small businesses and startups.

Contract to Hire

Need to hire for a contract-to-hire or full-time job? We can provide you with highly-skilled, pre-evaluated technology professionals for a variety of IT functions on a contract-to-hire or full-time basis. When you are hiring full-time staff, our innovative recruitment process can help you to accelerate your hiring timeline and reduce the costs associated with staffing an open position. We handle virtually the entire hiring process for you, from recruiting and evaluating to negotiating compensation and facilitating the final offers.

Direct Hire

We align great companies with great people. Our direct recruiting process begins with investing the time to understand your team dynamics, key business priorities, corporate culture, and your vision for the future. Our experienced recruiters go above and beyond to identify candidates who have demonstrated character, reliability, technical aptitude and analytical skills that can help you achieve your long-term objectives.
staff augmentation

Global IT Services provides expert staffing solutions for businesses globally. We arrange for both direct hires and contract hires of IT professionals to meet temporary and long term projects.

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